5 powerful quotes that inspire taking action

5 powerful quotes that inspire taking action

Powerful quotes inspire powerful action. Take a look at these actionable quotes from the most influential speakers through history. 

1. Action will overpower Fear, every single time. – Tony Robbins

The things we want to achieve tend to appear so big in our minds. This is why we procrastinate. However, procrastination is the only reason you aren’t realizing your full potential. Taking action is the only way to overcome your fears. And the moment you do you will realize that taking the first step was the hardest part.

2. You will never get it done and you will never get it wrong. – Abraham Hicks.

“The rhythm of Life” is an important concept to acknowledge. Every journey has its ups and downs and we become great by conquering them. To keep on growing is the meaning of life. Don’t let the bad times get you so down that you stay down, try and try again as you remain focused on your goals.

3. You are not what you think you are, not what others think of you, but what you think others think of you. – Jim Rohn.

This is a very key step in recovery from self-sabotage. You need to believe in yourself and face the world as the real you. You can consider constructive criticism but at the end of the day, who you want to be and be seen as is what counts most.

People who make the most impact, both positive and negative, tend to not care what others think of them.

4. The price is easy if the promise is clear. – Jim Rohn.

If you cannot see the value in something, you will not be willing to pay the price. Jim Rohn was talking about goals here. “Decide what you want and write it down” put clear value into the end result of your goals and you will be more inclined to work towards them.  

These quotes seem to have one thing in common, they all argue for TAKING ACTION. Excuses are nothing more than a reason to fail, an excuse is worse than a lie and we shall not lie to ourselves.


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